The Nigerian Government and Drug Abuse Challenges.

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6th May, 2018

So the BBC aired a documentary titled “Sweet, Sweet Codeine” and as expected, the Nigerian Government “caught cold” and decided to ban drugs that have codeine in them.

So, right now, if you have an illness that can best be cured by that usual codeine drug you normally would have taken, not only will you be unable to find it but also have virtually no other alternative but to pray for the illness to get cured on its own. Kudos for being born in Nigeria. “It is well with your soul”.

I can right now imagine another creative BBC journalist doing a documentary on “Delicious, Delicious Toilet Pit”. Yes, of course. That is one of the other “drugs” that is very much available to those poor fellows who are abusing drugs in Nigeria. It is not a secret that they sniff toilet pits.

When that “up-coming” documentary finally comes to light and gets published, the Nigerian Government may have to ban “pit toilets” too. If this happens as expected, the main challenge I have here is “Where will our “smart leaders” now bury their stolen monies? The farms are no longer safe because the “Gadaffi Herdsmen” have turned them into “international ranches” and so the loot can no longer be hidden there.

And by the way, when will the good old BBC come out with a documentary like “Sweet Delicious Old Colonial Mentality of Nigerian Leaders”? Or one that will be titled “The Sour Sweet Democratic System Bequeathed To Nigeria By Their Former Colonial Masters”?

It would have been nice to see what the Nigerian Government’s reaction to any of those two will be.